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16. 08. 2017

The Bikepark Špičák has prepared a fourcross race on Saturday 26 August 2017. The first night of this discipline at Špičák should be even more attractive since it takes place on the lit piste Spodní Šance. The beginning of the first rounds is at 7 pm and the final rounds begin at 9 pm. No licence is needed to participate. Everyone, who wants to try the first 4X at Špičák and feels up to it, can join the race.

It is possible to ride 4x, DH or enduro bikes.
 The course will be ready for training on Saturday from the noon to 7 pm, when the first rounds start. To the start position the riders will use the lift (included in the price of the starting fee = 200,- Kč). 4 best riders (in both categories) will qualify to the final rounds. Apart from the „honour and fame“  the first three riders in the overall classification will win the season ticket to the Bikepark Špičák for the year 2018 and some other prizes by the partners of the race. At 10 pm there starts the race party (also for non-racers ).
I tis recommended to apply for the race online on our website . Of course, you can apply on Saturday at Špičák as well.


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